Wednesday, 24 June 2009

A step back

We want to step back and test interaction patterns on a level that precedes the knowledge of one’s own body. Somewhat stepping behind the image based, the objectified ‘oneness’, into the constituting it ‘many’.

"Guattari's concept of subjectivity depends on an active and dynamic
recombination of the virtual and the actual. Subjectivity is no longer
exclusively located in a body: it is a collective moving-through. Remapped onto
the vocabulary of the interval, we might see subjectivity as a provocation that
effects the recomposing of bodies-in-the-making, creating not fixed subjects but
infraindividuations." (Manning 2009)

We are playing with devising a rhizomatic configuration of being, through which to initiate movements. The rhizomatic configuration of the body serves also a subversive purpose of a gate into non-hierarchical, networking processes, as opposed to those restricted by the binary, symmetrical and hierarchical ones.

What are the spatial relations in such a pre-objectified realm? What sense of coherence?

Subjectivity is said to be situated within a system of perception.. what if our perception was invalid, or incompetent? could technically imperfect environment for visual emission help learn more about such state? is deception a useful tool?

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